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Garo: Gekko no Tabibito to Feature Returning Characters


Garo: Gekko no Tabibito to Feature Returning Characters

The upcoming Garo movie will feature the protagonist from the first two series. 

Garo: Gekko no Tabibito will feature Koga Saejima, the original Garo from the first two series, as well as Karune Ryuzaki, who originally served as the antagonist of the first series. Their actors, Ryosei Konishi and Masaki Kyomoto respectively, will reprise their roles.

The story has the cast of Garo: Makai Flower facing against a new threat. A man in a white mask appears during the night of a full moon to attack Raiga and Mayuri. The masked man takes Mayuri and Raiga follows them on a mysterious train to save her.

Source: Twitter

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  1. garauga

    July 25, 2019 at 5:48 pm

    Saejima. Their family name is written–and HAS BEEN WRITTEN NUMEROUS TIMES INSIDE THE SHOW–AS Saejima. ‘zi’ in most cases-the sole exception usually being puns- is a long-standing romanization error, and the staff of the Garo franchise knows better.

    • Malunis

      July 25, 2019 at 5:54 pm

      I was the one who wrote the article – I have very limited knowledge of Garo, and just used the name provided on Wikipedia when doing the required research for the article since that’s my first place to go for name/title spellings. It has now been corrected.

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