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Information For Ultraman DARKNESS HEELS ~THE LIVE~ Released


Information For Ultraman DARKNESS HEELS ~THE LIVE~ Released

Casting visuals of four of the actors as well as the locations of the upcoming Ultraman stage show and some extra information has been announced.

Information for the upcoming Ultraman DARKNESS HEELS ~THE LIVE~ event have released. Ultraman DARKNESS HEELS ~THE LIVE~ will take place at the Kitasenju Theater 1010 from September 18th to September 23rd. A talk show for the event is also scheduled the weekdays of the event schedule. Guests will include Aoyagi Takatoshi on the 18th and Ishiguro Hideo on the 19th. Further guests will be announced at a later point. A pre-performance of the event will take place at Niiza Citizens Hall on September 13th.

Characters appearing in the stage show are as followed:

  • Kashiwa Kentao – Ultraman Belial
  • Yuki Taki – Jugglus Juggler
  • Furuya Yamato – Dark Zagi
  • Tomo Tomoyasu – Evil Tiga
  • Camilla Yamato
  • Alien Magma

Staff & casting credits for the stage show are as followed:

  • Screenplay & Director – Kubota Susumu
  • Ultraman Belial – Jing
  • Ling Jugglus Juggler – Tani Takira
  • Evil Tiga – Kyu Tomokyuu
  • Dark Zagi – Furuya
  • Camilla Yamato – Sabori Ihara

A synopsis of the stage show has been revealed as well:

Why can Ultraman bet his life to protect other unrelated people?
Why do those who are called evil try to take away the others until they have struggles tremendously?
If you only live, there is no need for that.

When the planet’s resident of the star called Terio came to that question, they launched two plans.

One, if you give kindness to the kind-hearted, will you be called a messenger of justice just like Ultraman?
And one more thing, those who were called evil, what were they looking for in the future…

Those who have exposed revenge on the kingdom of light and control over the world – “Ultraman Belial.”

Those who tried to falled in darkness and fall in love with one love – “Camilla.”

Those who themselves are God and lead humanity – “Evil Tiga.”

Those who have committed themselves to jealousy and thirst – “Jargas Juggler.”

Those who were once called evil wake up on the planet Telio.

Thus the story of a new evil begins quietly.


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