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ULTRAMAN Director Takeshi Yagi And Producer William Winckler Announce Partnership


ULTRAMAN Director Takeshi Yagi And Producer William Winckler Announce Partnership

New partnership to focus on producing tokusatsu productions for worldwide distribution.

The formation of a new partnership was announced earlier this week between veteran Ultraman director Takeshi Yagi, and producer William Winckler, that will focus on creating and distributing tokusatsu style media. The upcoming sci-fi/fantasy projects will be joint U.S. and Japanese ventures aimed at a worldwide audience.

The pair was quoted as saying “We will be making amazing new films and series fusing Japanese and classic Hollywood storytelling. These will be fresh, new, original stories, full of unique characters and adventure, for film and television.”

There is no shortage of previously known work between the two and Tsuburaya Productions. Yagi is best known for his work directing Superior 8 Ultraman Brothers, Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Mebius as well as production work on other series like Ultraman Max and Ultraman Ginga.

Winckler has a large background in producing several different movies and anime series such as Digimon Fusion Battles, Fist of the North Star, and Captain Harlock, but gained notoriety in the tokusatsu community for overseeing the English language dub of the double feature of Ultraman X The Movie and Ultraman Ginga S The Movie  as a limited theatrical release in North America back in early 2017.

Source: Press Release via Scifi Japan

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