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Ultraman R/B Opening, Ending Artists, and Composer Announced


Ultraman R/B Opening, Ending Artists, and Composer Announced

The artists providing music for the series were announced during a press presentation.

Masayoshi Ooishi, who has performed music for various anime including Overlord, will perform the opening theme for Ultraman R/B, titled “Hands”. The opening is described as having the themes of brotherhood and family ties.

Suzuko Mimori, who voiced REM, an artificial intelligence computer, in Ultraman Geed, will perform the ending theme, titled “Dream Flight”. Yasuharu Takanashi, who has created music for various shows including Tiger Mask W and Log Horizon, will compose R/B’s soundtrack. The song is described as being about themes of family love and togetherness.

For the first time in history, the Ultraman series will feature two leads in Ultraman R/B. The show will star Yuya Hirata as Katsumi, who transforms into Ultraman Rosso. Katsumi is the sole employee at his dad’s clothing store and does his best to support his younger sister and brother after the disappearance of their mother. Katsumi’s younger brother, Isami, played by Ryosuke Koike, transforms into Ultraman Blu. Katsumi is a college student pursuing the same field of study as his missing mother.

Ultraman R/B will premiere on July 7th.


Source: Ultraman R/B presentation

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