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Ultraman R/B Episodes 1 Through 4 Episode Summaries


Ultraman R/B Episodes 1 Through 4 Episode Summaries

Episode summaries for the first month of Ultraman R/B‘s broadcast reveal characters and early stories.


Episode 1: Ultraman Begins
Director: Masayoshi Takesue
Writer: Takao Nakano

“Let’s start as Ultraman brothers!”

Ayaka City is a peaceful place where ordinary life is disrupted when a giant monster appears. Ushio Minato, who runs the clothing store Quattro M, has two sons, Katsumi and Isami, who are caught up in the rampage of the fire monster. When a moment of desperation comes, the curtain opens on a story of families as the two brothers gain the ability to become Ultraman.

Episode 2: Bond of Siblings
Director: Masayoshi Takesue
Writer: Junki Takegami

Despite his younger brother taking the ability to become Ultraman in stride, Katsumi is afraid of the power he’s obtained. Their younger sister, Asahi, whose catchphrase is “Happy♪”, uses her healing nature to help the two brothers, who have clashed over their views. Suddenly, a monster appears and Isami is unable to move when he’s pinned down.

Episode 3: Welcome to Eizentech
Director: Masayoshi Takesue
Writer: Satoshi Ito

The three siblings visit the passionate Makoto Eizen, president of Eizentech, a company located in Ayaka City and are enchanted by their displays of cutting-edge technology. It’s then revealed that the mother of the three siblings was once doing “specific research” for Eizentech. During their visit, a giant monster with the ability to turn items into stone attacks.

Episode 4: The Winning Ball of Light
Director: Taguchi Kiyotaka
Writer: Sachio Yanai

Back in high school, Katsumi was a pitcher for his high school’s baseball team. The eldest of the Minato siblings gave up on his dreams when their mother disappeared so as to support his family. Katsumi shows off his burning fighting spirit in a retirement match for a local baseball team’s coach. Katsumi is injured during a battle with a monster and uses the coach’s words to and skills as a pitcher to find renewed determination in his mission as Ultraman.

Source: MovieW

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