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Ultraman R/B Main Cast Revealed


Ultraman R/B Main Cast Revealed

Tsuburaya Productions has revealed the main cast on the upcoming Ultraman R/B series.

As previously reported, the series will be the first to feature dual protagonists, the brothers Katsumi Minato (Ultraman Ross), played by Yuya Hirata, and Isami Minato (Ultraman Blu), played by Ryosuke Koike.

Also included in the cast is Arisa Sonohara, who will portray Katsumi and Isami’s younger sister, Asahi. Asahi is described as a pacifist who moves at her own pace. She dislikes conflict so much that she won’t even play janken (rock, paper, scissors). He catchphrase is “Happy!”. Asahi is always seen carrying around a piece of candy and takes care of the house work on behalf of her mother despite also being into fashion and things other high school students her age enjoy. She is described as the glue that holds her family together.

The Minato patriarch is Ushio Minato, portrayed by Ginnojo Yamazaki, who played Lucky’s father in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger (Space Sentai Kyuranger). Ushio is a kind and gentle father. He is the owner of the “Quattro M” fashion boutique. He does not seem to have the head for the finer details of running a store. He doesn’t know that his sons are the two Ultraman that appear in the city. He worked hard to support his wife, who was a researcher. Ushio is also trying to expand his own personal brand “UshioMinato”, which is sold in Quattro M and has a distinct style.

Makoto Aizen, played by Motoki Fukami, is the president of Eizentech, a company doing research on unknown energy sources and space development, attracting attention from all around the world. Eizentech is located in Ayaka City, where the Minato family also lives. He likes to wear white suits and is friendly to other researchers while exuding confidence.

New details about the heroes were also revealed.

Katsumi was a talented baseball player when he was a young boy but had to give up his dreams when his mother disappeared 8 years ago. He is the sole employee at Quattro M and does his best to support his family. Katsumi is a temperamental intellectual who can become very fired up at times.

Isami is a college student studying space archaeology, the same field his mother studied. He dislikes exercise and would rather study in his spare time. Isami respects his brother for giving up his own dreams for the sake of their family. He’s described as a bright and positive character who is the “mood maker” of any scene he’s in.

Also introduced was the R/B Slugger weapon, which bears a distinct resemblance to the Eye Slugger weapon used by Ultra Seven. The R/B Slugger is able to change between the R/B Slugger Rosso form and the R/B Slugger Blu form, allowing for different attack possibilities.

Ultraman R/B will premiere on July 7th and is slated to run for 25 episodes. Masayoshi Takesue will direct the series while Takao Nakano, Ultraman Orb head writer, will write scripts, alongside Junki Takegami (Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger, Engine Sentai Go-Onger) and Satoshi Ito.

Source: Tsuburaya Station

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