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Kamen Rider Revice Synopsis and Cast

Casting Announcements

Kamen Rider Revice Synopsis and Cast

An overview of Kamen Rider Revice‘s story and cast. The show will begin airing on September 5.

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The Igarashi family runs a bath house, Happy Baths (Shiawase-yu), and is a very normal family. The eldest son Ikki (Kentaro Maeda) is a righteous, passionate individual who loves helping others. In the past, there were times he felt he could hear a devil’s whispers in his head, but Ikki paid them no mind.

Nothing is more important to Ikki than family, and Happy Baths is a place where his family and the townspeople can gather. However, the threat of eviction for urban development looms near.

One day, Ikki runs into attacking monsters led by a Deadmans! Ikki’s whole-hearted desire to protect helps him realize the demon that’s been living in his body, and he pays attention to its whispers for the first time. To fight fire with fire, Ikki makes a contract with the devil Vice and transforms into a Kamen Rider…


Happy Baths

Kentaro Maeda as
Ikki Igarashi / Kamen Rider Revi

The eldest of the Igarashi children, Ikki manages the family’s bath house, Happy Baths. With his strong sense of righteousness and willingness to help others, no one can match Ikki’s passionate feelings. No matter how difficult the challenge, he’ll smile and declare, “Leave it to me!” Since before, he could hear “devil’s whispers” but paid them no mind out of disinterest. However, his desire to protect people from a Deadmans attack made him pay attention to those whispers for the first time. After agreeing to a contract, Ikki can transform into Kamen Rider Revi.

Subaru Kimura as
Vice / Kamen Rider Vice (voice)

Vice is an easy-going but incredibly bothersome devil that lives within Ikki. By materializing in the form of Kamen Rider Vice, he is able to fight Deadmans. Vice desires to separate from Ikki and to have his own body. While he teases Ikki and may sometimes get into arguments with him, their dialogue is always comedic.

*Subaru Kimura also voiced the Seiza Blaster, the Uchu Sentai Kyuranger‘s transformation device.

Wataru Hyuga as
Daiji Igarashi

Daiji is the second child of the Igarashi children, shy but very prideful. He is clear-headed with high physical ability and an honors student. Daiji volunteers at Fenix, an organization secretly run by the government, and jumps into the fight against Deadmans.

Ayaka Imoto as
Sakura Igarashi

The youngest of the three siblings, Sakura is a kind person. But as a high schooler at the height of adolescence, she tries to play it cool. As a karate practitioner, she is of great mind, body, and spirit, so she hides that she has even greater potential than her older brothers.

Shigeyuki Totsugi as
Genta Igarashi

Genta dreams of getting rich quick by becoming a content creator for a video sharing site and completely fits the stereotype of a useless dad. However, his love for his family is the real deal.
* Shigeyuki Totsugi will also play Kiyoharu Tenri in The High School Heroes, starting July 31.

Kurara Emi as
Yukimi Igarashi

As a mother of three children, she loves her family deeply and watches over them strictly yet kindly. Her saying is, “No matter what happens, humans can recover with a hot bath.”

Tomoya Oku as
Hikaru Ushijima

Hikaru Ushijima is a regular customer at Happy Baths.

Toshihiro Yashiba as
Tasuke Ushijima

Tasuke Ushijima is another regular customer and Hikaru’s father.

*Toshihiro Yashiba previously played Tsumuji Igasaki in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

Yutaka Saigou as
Shozo Irabu

Also called “Buu” for short, Shozo Irabu is also a regular customer at Happy Baths.


Fenix is an organization secretly run by the government. Their objective is to eliminate Deadmans.

Noritaka Hamao as
George Karizaki

Fenix’s genius researcher who completed a Rider System that uses ViceStamps. He loves the Kamen Rider series, especially of the Heisei era.

Kazuya Tanabe as
Yujiro Wakabayashi

* Kazuya Tanabe previously played Kota Fukuda on Kamen Rider Amazons.

Junya Komatsu as
Hiromi Kadota

Devil Worshiping Society, Deadmans

An organization that worships devils and seeks to revive their idol Gif.

Yui Asakura as

The beautifully devilish queen who governs Deadmans. Aguilera doesn’t believe in love, and things like family are false happiness because she has been alone since she was a child. Her parents were lost due to human experimentation, so Aguilera seeks to destroy Fenix.

Hayata Seki as

Aguilera’s right-hand man. To resurrect the devils Deadmans worship, he scouts for humans with the most wicked thoughts and gives them ViceStamps to use, giving birth to new monsters.

Claud Hachijoin as

Julio is Aguilera’s bodyguard. Like Olteca, Julio also searches for wicked humans. He likes to fight rough.

Theme Song


by Da-iCE featuring Subaru Kimura

*(pronounced liv-devil)

Kamen Rider Revice, the third Reiwa era Kamen Rider series, will begin airing on TV Asahi on Sunday, September 5 at 9:00 am (Japan standard time) replacing Kamen Rider Saber.

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