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Tokusatsu April Fools 2018 Roundup


Tokusatsu April Fools 2018 Roundup

Here are some of this year’s notable April 1st gags from official tokusatsu shows. 

The official website for SSSS.Gridman was given a vintage makeover, allegedly taken over by the villain from the original Gridman tokusatsu series. Their Twitter account had this to say:

The official website for SSSS.Gridman has been hijacked by the Dark Lord Kahn Digifer! I want all of you to lend your power. Enter the access code!

The official Twitter account for Ultraman Geed reveals that the character Pega has become the president of Tsubuyara Productions:

Everyone. Pega’s… Pega’s… become the president of Tsuburaya Productions!

… were you surprised?

Nah, there’s been a lot of presidents lately. It’s not too surprising even if it’s an alien, right?

Everything up until now has been part of my scheme.

On their official Kamen Rider Amazons Twitter account, Toei posted an image heavily contrasting with the darker tones of this series, presenting this comment on the upcoming movie:

“Protect peace for the sake of good kids! Chastise and judge evil!”

Haruka and Jin’s best friend combination will face off against the strongest enemy ♪

Forget all about the past conflict and fight hand in hand

Reborn as a heartwarming work ♡

The movie is released on May 19th ☆

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid also received a fake announcement for a new spinoff centered on Genm Corp’s various presidents:

New Ex-Aid release!

“Kamen Rider Genms: -The Presidents-“

The four big presidents of that company get it all together! Masamune Dan, Kuroto Dan, Ren Amagasaki, and Tsukuru Koboshi rise to change the world!! At that time, the shareholders…!?

To be released and become out-of-print in 2020!

Lastly, Toei announced a new TV series titled Super Sentai Villains, which would have starred four returning villains from previous Super Sentai shows. In reality, these four will be appearing in the upcoming Kyuranger VS Space Squad movie.

Source: SSSS_GRIDMANm78_uldenrider_amazons, toei_EXAID,

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