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Brave Storm Movie Crowdfunding Campaign Underway


Brave Storm Movie Crowdfunding Campaign Underway

A crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming Red Baron and Silver Mask reboot movie, Brave Storm, has been announced.

Although the movie is set to be released in the autumn and has finished major production, the cast and crew are looking for additional funding. In a video posted on the Japanese Patrons site, Chihiro Yamamoto (Ultraman Geed) and director Junya Okabe (visual effects director on Ultra Galaxy Legends), outline the goals for the campaign.

The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to gain additional promotion. A distributor, theaters, and promotional budget has been secured, but at the moment it’s believed this will only reach tokusatsu fans. The cast and crew are aiming to reach the average moviegoer as well.

Rewards will be included at various tiers of donation:

3,000 Yen: Advance tickets
5,000 Yen: Crowdfunders exclusive poster
10,000 Yen: Limited behind-the-scenes e-book
20,000 Yen: Autographed script
30,000 Yen: Blu-ray with crowderfunder exclusives
40,000 Yen: Design drawings (limited to six)
50,000 Yen: Your name included in the ending credits
150,000 Yen: Your name included in the ending credits in large font in a special section
500,000 Yen: Your name included in the ending credits in the company section in large font
3,000,000 Yen: The name of your company on one of the signs in the Ginza district portrayed on the movie.

Set in 2050 Tokyo as humanity is dying out, 5 siblings played by Chihiro Yamamoto, Daito, Soran Tamoto, Mitsu Dan (Shogeki Goraigan), and Kasuga Koichi, travel back in time before the invasion of the Kilgis aliens, formulating a plot to wipe them out before they can take over earth.

Taking the data from a discarded robot, an alien detector, psychic powers, and the “Silver” power suit, the siblings head to 2015. They meet a robot scientist named Kenichiro Kurenai, played by Hisashi Yoshizawa, who they task with building the “Red Baron”. Kurenai’s younger brother, played by Ken Watabe, is drawn into the conflict as the pilot of Red Baron in Earth’s final life and death battle.

Shigeru Izumiya, Yasufumi Terawaki, and Tom Fujita (Kamen Rider Amazons) will also appear in the film.

The goal of the campaign is 15,000,000 Yen, of which 2,635,000 Yen has been gathered with 26 days remaining.

Source: Patrons

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