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Kamen Rider Build Writer and Director Comment on Series


Kamen Rider Build Writer and Director Comment on Series

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The Kamen Rider Build‘s writer and director have commented on their participation on the show.

Shogo Muto (Densha Otoko, HanaKimi, Crows Zero) and director Ryuta Tasaki (Kamen Rider Gaim, Gingaman, Akibaranger) have commented on their hopes for the upcoming Kamen Rider Build.

Head writer Shogo Muto’s comments:

I told myself I watched it because my son did. While we both watched the show on Sunday mornings, I cursed myself for not really experiencing the Heisei Riders so far.

I was intoxicated by how cool and yet tough the first phase (of Riders) were, and was excited about the second phase (of Riders) that sought fun and amusement. Then once I realized it, I became an old man who loved to chat about Heisei Riders

On the 19th Work

I accepted the weight of the Kamen Rider history while signifying its high esteem, I will cultivate all the know-how I have, and aim to create a series that inspires both children and adults.

Head director Ryuta Tasaki’s comments:

The Kamen Rider with an all-time high IQ will take on a film built on a large scale.

Can he return the world that is broken into three back into one? Is it right to bring it back the way it was? I’ve directed many Heisei Riders however, “Build” will have no prohibition in new ways of development.

It’s true that Kamen Rider Build is the 19th in the series, but that doesn’t mean it’s one part of 19.

Kamen Rider Build possesses only one type of fun, and it’s a big step towards the new Sunday mornings


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