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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Finale Announced


Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Finale Announced


The Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Twitter has announced the air date for the show’s final episode.

The official Twitter account for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid released a statement, stating:

As announced at today’s movie stage greeting presentation, episode 45 of Ex-Aid will be its finale and be broadcast on August 27th.
Ex-Aid ends in August.
Thank for you for your support until the end.

The next series, Kamen Rider Build, will premiere a week after Ex-aid’s finale on September 3rd. Build will change time slots in October from 8AM on Sundays to 9AM on Sundays, the first time slot change for the franchise since Kamen Rider’s return to TV with Kamen Rider Kuuga in 2000.

Source: Toei EXAID Twitter

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