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Ultra Fight Orb Joins Ultra Hero 500 Toyline


Ultra Fight Orb Joins Ultra Hero 500 Toyline


The new forms and villain from Ultra Fight Orb are the latest entries in Bandai’s Spark Doll line.

The Ultra Hero 500 series is a line of 5.5 inch tall soft vinyl figures featuring characters from Tsuburaya’s long running Ultra Series. Originally called the Ultra Hero Series, the line was rebooted in 2013 thanks to Ultraman Ginga, when they became part of the title character’s transformation gimmick. Figures in the Ultra Hero 500, and the companion Ultra Monster 500 line have stamps on their left foot that make them compatible with the DX Ginga Spark, DX Victory Lancer, and X Devizer transformation toys.

While the main forms from the Ultraman Orb show got their own Ultra Hero Orb line, Lightning Attacker and Emerium Slugger are a part of the main 500 line, and Ray Batos is the latest entry in Ultra Monster DX line which consists of larger kaiju figures. The hero figures will retail for ¥648 each, while Ray Batos will cost ¥1,620. Lightning Attacker’s release date is April 22nd, and Emerium Slugger and Ray Batos release the following week on April 29th.

Ultra Fight Orb, directed by Koichi Sakamoto, debuts this Saturday, April 15th during the latest episode of Ultraman Zero the Chronicle.

Source: SciFi Japan



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