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TOHO Announces Record Year in Profits


TOHO Announces Record Year in Profits


TOHO announces record year thanks to major releases in 2016.

TOHO, the film distributor and studio behind the Godzilla franchise, announced via its earnings reports that 2016 was its most profitable year on record.

The distributor has operated since 1932 and released numerous films in Japan throughout the years.

Thanks in large part to Makoto Shinkai’s anime film your name. and Hideaki Anno’s Shin Godzilla, TOHO earned a profit of 50.2 billion yen for the fiscal year ending February 2017. This marks the third consecutive year of record highs but also the biggest jump in profits, marking a 23.4% jump over the previous year.

Shinkai’s your name. has gone on to become the second most successful Japanese film, only behind the Oscar winning Spirited Away, from Studio Ghibli. Shin Godzilla marked the first Japanese Godzilla film in over a decade, with the film going on to become the most successful in the series’ history and the highest grossing live action Japanese film of 2016.

Source: Yomiuri Shimbun via AnimeNewsNetwork

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