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Hideaki Anno Exhibition Announced


Hideaki Anno Exhibition Announced

An exhibition based on animator and film maker Hideaki Anno is set to show off his works including Shin Godzilla, Shin Utraman, and Shin Kamen Rider at the National Art Center in Tokyo.

Hideaki Anno, best known for his work on the Evangelion series, has also had a hand in many tokusatsu projects. He wrote and directed the Godzilla reboot, Shin Godzilla. He worked as a writer and producer for the upcoming reimagining of Ultraman, Shin Ultraman. And as previously reported, he is set to direct and write, Shin Kamen Rider. The upcoming film is set to release March 2023 and will be a reimagining of Kamen Rider in the same vein as the previous “Shin” movies.

The exhibition will highlight three themes. “What made Hideaki Anno”, “What Hideaki Anno has made”, and “What Hideaki Anno will make.”

“The origin of Hideaki Anno and what he respects”

This display will feature the manga, anime, and tokusatsu that inspired Anno in his childhood. These include Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Space Battleship Yamato, and Mobile Suit Gundam. Drawings and miniatures used for his amateur animation and tokusatsu videos will be featured. In addition, a 3x15m LED screen will be playing a collection of some his favorite video works from the aforementioned works. 

“Following the journey from his amateur era to now”

This portion will show off his work from his amateur days, to his work on the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, to his most recent hit movie, Shin Evangelion. Notes and materials from his creative process, many which has been unreleased to the general public will be available for viewing. Some of these materials include; handwritten memos, illustrations, storyboards, screenplays, and more. 

“An archive to pass onto the future”

A collection of future projects will be introduced here. One project being ATAC, his non-profit organization which stands for “Anime Tokusatsu Archive Organization.” Anno states, ” Even if I pass away, I want Anime and Tokusatsu to live on”. In addition, large statues from his tokusatsu works will be on display. These include Shin Godzilla, Shin Ultraman, and Shin Kamen Rider.

The exhibition will first take place at the National Art Center in Tokyo from October 1st, 2021 to December 19th, 2021. Afterwards, it’s set to appear at three other locations. It will be at the Oita Prefectural Museum of Art in Oita from February 14th, 2022 to April 3rd, 2022. Then at the Abeno Harukas Museum in Osaka from April 16th, 2022 to June 19th, 2022. The final location will be at the Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum in Yamaguchi from July 8th, 2022 to September 4th, 2022.

Source: AnnoHideakiTen

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