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#ICYMI: A Ridiculous Amount of Tokusatsu Actors Cast In TV Drama


#ICYMI: A Ridiculous Amount of Tokusatsu Actors Cast In TV Drama


Just in case you missed it for the past decade, like, 20 tokusatsu actors were cast in this TV drama based on some manga.

Announced at some point, the live-action TV drama for Hana Kimi has cast several notable tokusatsu actors. The really long cast-list includes:

  • Shun Oguri as the really good-looking one
  • Toma Ikuta as the loveable goofball, who’s also really good-looking
  • Mizushima Hiro, known for playing grandma’s boy in Kamen Rider Kabuto, as the leader of the handsome boys
  • Yusuke Yamamoto, known for playing the white suit dude in Kamen Rider Kabuto, as the weird guy who can see Takeru from Kamen Rider Ghost
  • Masaki Okada as the track team captain hot pants
  • Ryo Kimura, known for playing Extremer (yes, that’s the real name) in some Kamen Rider Ghost movie, as the guy with the cutest crush on Tendou
  • Takaya Kamikawa as the only guy that knows what’s really going on
  • Yuma Ishigaki, known for playing that guy with the cool lazer sword in that Space Sherrif Gavan movie, as the ka-ra-te master
  • Nobuo Kyo as the guy in gold
  • Yuu Shirota as the tsundere younger brother
  • Takashi Ukaji, known for playing the cake boss in Kamen Rider OOO, as the guy who disappointingly never sings Happy Birthday not even once
  • Junpei Mizobata, known for playing that red guy in the Hurricane Polymar movie, as the guy who really really likes soccer
  • Shunji Igarashi, known for playing an Ultraman dressed like a handsome guy in Ultraman Mebius, as the guy who’s afraid of Takeru from Kamen Rider Ghost
  • Ikeda Junya, known for playing a showy silver kid in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, as the only reason I watched this drama
  • Hiromi Sakimoto, known for playing the guy who ate that questionable fruit in Kamen Rider Gaim, as the guy who looks really good in powder blue
  • Mitsuomi Takahashi, known for playing a hot-blooded oblivious leader in GoGo Sentai Boukenger, as I don’t know because this cast list is so long it’s hard to wiki obscure characters now
  • Kohei Takeda, known for playing the better Kurenai in Kamen Rider Kiva, as the guy who doesn’t play violin at all
  • Keisuke Kato, known for playing the other guy still better than Wateru in Kamen Rider Kiva, as another side character I can’t remember
  • Ryohei Suzuki, known for playing that pervert in the Hentai Kamen movie, as…you know what, I’m giving up on finding these characters that showed up for a like a couple episodes
  • And several other really good-looking actors that would take way too long to list out

The story of Hana Kimi focuses on … you know what, just look it up.

Hana Kimi will premiere in 2007.

Source: AsianWiki

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