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Fan-film based on Indie Game Chroma Squad Released Online


Fan-film based on Indie Game Chroma Squad Released Online


A new fan-film based on the tokusatsu inspired indie RPG Chroma Squad has hit YouTube.

The YouTube channel Kamen Ramen Studios has released a short fan-film called Indie Sentai: Chroma Squad, based on the tactical studio simulator Chroma Squad, released by Behold Studios in 2015.

In the short, we see Adam (played by Gee Jay), Tori (played by Mickey Olivares), and Wes (played by Eric Fuchs) use their newfound power to fight against a horde of enemies along with a monster-of-the-week villain called Boxing Box (played by Hector Soria). The film is accompanied with a narration by Tokusatsu Network alumni, Mike Dent.

In the Chroma Squad game, five stunt actors attempt to start their own studio and create a Power Rangers-inspired TV show. Behold Studios announced that the game would be coming to PS4, XB1, and PS Vita in early 2017.

Source: Kamen Ramen Studios YouTube Channel

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