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Chroma Squad Game On Schedule for April 30 Release; Receives Saban’s Support


Chroma Squad Game On Schedule for April 30 Release; Receives Saban’s Support


Behold Studios founder, Saulo Camarotti, announced today that highly anticipated but delayed strategic sentai studio game, Chroma Squad, is on schedule for an April release.

The following is an email sent to their Kickstarter backers:

We’re dealing with the final bugs and some game play improvements before launch. We have tons of backers that are helping us playing the game, and in the forums, looking for all kinds of bugs and improvements that need to be fixed. Thanks to everyone!

As Tokusatsu Network reported last year, Saban’s attorneys contacted Behold Studios about the usage of Saban’s intellectual property. In today’s email, Camarotti took the opportunity to announce that an amicable agreement had been reached with Saban.

The game will not feature any content changes, and will now feature a subtitle: “Chroma Squad: Tactical RPG Inspired by Saban’s Power Rangers.” The email adds that one of Saban’s producers commented, “Chroma Squad is a flattering compliment to MMPR.”

Chroma Squad is 95% complete and in the final stages of development, and should be available on Steam this April 30th.

It has been nominated for the SXSW Gamer’s Voice prize for indie games, and will be shown off by Behold Studios at the SXSW Interactive Expo in Austin, TX on March 12th thru 15th.

Source: Saulo Camarotti via email
Image Credit: Chroma Squad webpage

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