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Gatchaman Fighter Anime DVD Release from Sentai Filmworks Announced


Gatchaman Fighter Anime DVD Release from Sentai Filmworks Announced


Sentai Filmworks announced the release of  Gatchaman Fighter anime on DVD on the fourth of July this year.

On March 21st, 2017, Section23 Films, an American multimedia distributor specializing in anime and Japanese films, announced that Sentai Filmworks will release Tatsunoko Productions’ Gatchaman Fighter (Kagaku Ninja-Tai Gatchaman F) anime on DVD.

This DVD is scheduled to release on July 4th, 2017, and will be in Japanese with English subtitles.

Saban Entertainment previously licensed and combined Gatchaman Fighter with the previous series, Gatchaman II, in 1996 as Eagle Riders that ran for 65 episodes. All 65 aired in Europe and Australia, but only 13 aired in the US. Sentai Filmworks’ release will be the first time Gatchaman Fighter is seen in its original full, uncut version.


Gatchaman Fighter will be Sentai Filmworks’ 7th Gatchaman release following the original Gatchaman, Gatchaman II, Gatchaman OVA; and both anime spin-off series, Gatchaman Crowds and Gatchaman Crowds Insight.

Source: Anime News Network

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