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Autograph Fundraiser Campaign for Bioman’s Ryosuke Sakamoto


Autograph Fundraiser Campaign for Bioman’s Ryosuke Sakamoto

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Celebrity ICONS, a group responsible for bringing various tokusatsu actors to US conventions and events, holds a special fundraising campaign in support of Bioman actor, Ryosuke Sakamoto.

In August 2016, Choudenshi Bioman actor, Ryosuke Sakamoto, publicly announced his esophageal cancer diagnosis during the Akamatsuri (Red Festival), an annual event held by The Japan Times reporter Mishio Suzuki. He underwent surgery in September and was recovering since October.

In support of Sakamoto, Celebrity ICONS, a group responsible for bringing various tokusatsu actors to US conventions and events, such as Godzilla suit actor Haruo Nakajima, is holding a fundraising campaign. An excerpt from their press release for the campaign is below:

Support for Mr. Sakamoto from Super Sentai fans all over the world has been nothing short of amazing! Now, together with the leading cast of BIOMAN, we all can bring our love and support to the next level.

It is customary in Japan to donate money to family or friends who are dealing with illness. BIOMAN co-stars Michiko Makino, Naoto Ōta, Akito Ōsuga and Sumiko Tanaka agreed to autograph a limited number of cast photos, which we are making available to fans outside of Japan. 100% of these autograph sales will go to Mr. Sakamoto is support of his recovery. Mr. Sakamoto and Sumiko Tanaka appeared at an event in Tokyo on February 26th where they autographed their photos, while Michiko Makino, Naoto Ōta and Akito Ōsuga added their signatures during a private signing soon after.

For those who wish to purchase a signed photo, fans can message Celebrity ICONS through their Facebook page or email at

Currently, there are two individual autographed photos, one of Ryosuke Sakamoto and Michiko Makino at $30 US each. A Bioman team group photo is also available for $120.

A $5 transaction charge will be added to the donation to cover shipping and PayPal costs, and will begin shipping starting April.

Source: Press Release

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