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3rd Garo Anime and New Live-Action Movies Announced


3rd Garo Anime and New Live-Action Movies Announced


Various entries into the tokusatsu/anime franchise were announced at the annual Thanksgiving Knight event.

Following up on details provided last year, a movie focusing on Raiga Saejima, star of the fourth season and son of first season main character Kouga Saejima, has been given an official title and is currently in production, Garo: Gekkou no Tabibito.

A second movie, Garo: Kami no Kiba, connected to the fifth season, Gold Storm, was announced as well.

A premiere date for Zero: Dragon Blood, the second series focusing on Rei/Zero from the first two seasons has been set for January 6th, 2017. The series will feature the appearance of Edel, a Dragon Knight, portrayed by Tomohisa Yuge. (Kamen Rider Ryuki’s Goro, Kamen Rider Kabuto’s Mishima). Rei Suzumura’s band, DUSTZ, will perform the ending theme, Zoë〜Beautiful World〜

A third anime entry, unrelated to the previous entries, was also announced. No further details were revealed beyond the show currently being in production. A special promo was aired alongside the ending theme to Dragon Blood, featuring a Dragon Knight in the new anime series.

Source: Press Release

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