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Complete Style Gigantic Garouken Up For Pre-Order


Complete Style Gigantic Garouken Up For Pre-Order

Pre-orders have opened for the Complete Style Gigantic Garouken based on the iconic sword from Garo.

On September 8, Bandai announced that the newest addition to their Complete Style Gigantic (CSG) line would be the Garouken. A 1:1 scale replica of the sword wielded by Makai Knights that bear the title Garo in the Garo franchise. Series creator Keita Amemiya supervised the creation of this replica. The hilt has been created with diecast metal has been to give the sword a proper solid feeling of weight; whilst gold-plated paint has been used to reproduce the sword’s look in the series. Pad printing has also been used to transfer the pattern seen on the blade.

The sword is 100 centimeters in length and features 3 separate buttons: there is a BGM button, a dialogue button, and an attack button. The BGM button will play music tracks from the Garo series such as the first opening themes to both Garo (2005) and Garo Makai Senki. The dialogue button features voice lines from Ryosei Konishi, who played the franchise’s original protagonist Kouga Saejima. Meanwhile, the attack button will play various sound effects from the show such as the slash of Garo’s sword or even the neigh of Gōten; the armored horse rode by Garo. Lastly, a pedestal to hold and display the sword is also included.

Pre-orders for the Complete Style Gigantic Garouken opened on September 15 and will end on October 22 at 11:00 p.m. (JST).  Priced at 34,100 yen (tax included, the expected shipping date for the CSG Garouken is March 2024.

Source: Premium Bandai

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