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Shu Watanabe Featured in “Pika Chan” Pokémon YouTube Series


Shu Watanabe Featured in “Pika Chan” Pokémon YouTube Series

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Shu Watanabe, who played Eiji Hino of Kamen Rider OOO, stars in a new Pokémon YouTube lesson series titled “Pika Chan”.

The series stars Watanabe as the “Battle Oniisan”, an adult Pokémon fan that ends up teaching two children, Sanchan and Tsukkii, the ins and outs of Pokémon battling after hearing them talk about Pokémon on a public playground. The videos are short six-to-eight minute videos that cover a range of topics to teach kids some of the more intricate details of battling surrounded by kids making fun of Watanabe’s odd character.

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As of this post, three episodes of “Pika Chan” are currently uploaded. The first episode discusses using item and attack combos (Focus Sash, Endeavor, and Quick Attack) to overcome high level Pokémon in battle. The second episode discusses Pokémon types. The third episode discusses how to accumulate big damage by using attacks that are super effective against your opponent, high in attack power, and the same type as your Pokémon.

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It is unknown how long the series will continue, but keep an eye on Pokémon’s Japanese YouTube Channel for the current and upcoming “Pika Chan” episodes!

Source and Image Source: Pokemon YouTube Channel

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