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Ultraman Orb Toy Site Now Open


Ultraman Orb Toy Site Now Open

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.37.52 PM

Bandai has opened their toy page for the newest Ultraman series, Ultraman Orb.

The page will act as the main hub for all of Bandai’s upcoming main line Ultraman Orb toys including the DX Role Play toys, the Ultra Hero Series vinyl figures, and the various Ultra Monster Series figures. Unfortunately, Bandai doesn’t have a whole lot of product to show on the page at this time.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.34.16 PM

However, the site does give us a good look at the DX Orb Ring, the device used to transform into Ultraman Orb, as well as the Fusion Card Holder, a small hip-worn pop out card holder that can store a number of Fusion Cards, the gimmick of the line that is read by the DX Orb Ring. Naturally, all these toys will come with various Fusion Cards.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.34.30 PM

Like Ultraman X last year, Ultraman Orb‘s continuation of using cards as gimmicks brings us new card sets. Bandai has listed the Ultra Fusion Card Legend Fusion Set and the Ultra Fusion Card Hurricane Slash Set. Finally, an Ultraman toy line wouldn’t be complete without Ultra Hero Series and Ultra Monster Series vinyl figures. The site shows that once again, Ultra Monster Series vinyls will include cards.

The site will continue to update as the line progresses. Bandai will release more information and photos of all the Ultraman Orb toys in the coming months.

Source and Image Source: Bandai’s Ultraman Orb Site

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