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Actor, Koji Naka, from Dairanger and Kamen Rider 555, Passes Away at 64


Actor, Koji Naka, from Dairanger and Kamen Rider 555, Passes Away at 64

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Koji Naka, from Kamen Rider 555 and Gosei Dentai Dairanger, passed away this past Saturday, December 19th.

Koji Naka, who portrayed the Goat Orphenoch in Kamen Rider 555 but is perhaps best known as Master Kaku, the Dairangers’ mentor in Gosei Sentai Dairanger, passed away on December 19th at the age of 64.

In response, Keisuke Tsuchiya, who portayed Kazu the Kirinranger, left a message on his Twitter account.

Mr. Koji Naka, aka Doushi Kaku, has passed away.
Such sudden news has not allowed me to really make sense of it.
I was with Ryo yesterday, so I was able to cope with it but when I am by myself, the tears will not stop.
Rest in peace.
Tenjisei Kazu / Keisuke Tsuchiya

Tsuchiya refers to fellow Dairanger alumni, Keiichi Wada, as Ryo, Wada’s character name from Dairanger.

Source: Keisuke Tsuchiya on Twitter

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