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Kamen Rider Drive: Secret Mission Type TOKUJO Revealed


Kamen Rider Drive: Secret Mission Type TOKUJO Revealed


The upcoming Kamen Rider Drive Blu-Ray Collection will feature a short series of special episodes titled Kamen Rider Drive: Secret Mission Type TOKUJO.

A small mini series of Kamen Rider Drive will appear in the Kamen Rider Drive Blu-Ray Collection that will be released April 8, 2015 and will consist of four episodes. Each blu-ray box will contain one episode.

Below is the synopsis of the mini-series, followed by the episodes titles released on the Kamen Rider Drive Secret Mission website.

How did this member become recruited to the Special Investigation Unit? The mystery lies within the murder case files.

It all began with a thought… “why is this person a member?”

“If you want to know that, then you should look into the murder cases from one year ago.” Mr. Belt advises taking us back to the birth of the Special Investigation Unit.

It all begin one year ago with the murder of Professor Odagiri of Shinkyou University. The cause of death was marked as an acute heart attack. No trauma or injuries. His assistant, Hitomi Kasai, disappeared the following day.

To find out the truth behind the case and the origin of the Special Investigation Unit, Shinnosuke, Kiriko, and Go begin an investigation.

While gathering evidence, the Metropolitan Police Department Public Safety Bureau Officer Kusabe and Assistant Inspector Ota begin searching any connections surrounding the mystery.

They then turn to former crime psychologist Kouya Nishihori, who is a prisoner, who believes he may hold the key to it all.

He slowly becomes a key figure to it all.

Where is Assistant Kasai? Who is the true culprit? Who will solve this mystery? How is this mystery tied to the birth of the Special Investigation Unit?

This has become a Class A Case for Kamen Rider Drive.

The answers will become clear in the Secret Mission. Included in the segments is a quiz after each episode about the truth so please watch carefully.


Episode 1: How were the Special Investigation Unit members recruited?

Episode 2: What is the Anima System?

Episode 3: Who killed Professor Odagiri?

Episode 4: Why was Professor Banno a target during the Global Freeze?

Source: Drive S-Mission


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kebs

    January 14, 2015 at 10:48 am

    My heart is telling me that that picture at the bottom means Kiriko means shes gonna transform, but my head is telling me that it means that Toei is going to use it to fake me out. Please let the former be right.

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