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Shout! Factory Announces Kamen Rider Geats Blu-Ray Release


Shout! Factory Announces Kamen Rider Geats Blu-Ray Release

Shout! Factory has announced the release of the complete season of Kamen Rider Geats on Blu-Ray, scheduled for release in April 2024.

Shout! Factory has announced the release of  Kamen Rider Geats (2022-2023) on Blu-Ray with English subtitles. The complete season is set to be released in April 2024.

All 49 episodes of Kamen Rider Geats will be included across 8 discs in this Blu-ray set. Additionally, an exclusive 18” X 24” poster is included with the Blu-ray when ordered from the Shout! Factory website (while supplies last).


Who will be the true hero?

Rampage Stylishly in the Survival Game!
The White Fox Rider, Kamen Rider Geats, is born!!

Entrants are thrown into a survival game to uphold peace! The winner is the true hero!

The “Desire Grand Prix” is a game to protect the peace of the city from the threat of the mysterious enemy “Jamato,” whose origin and purpose are unknown. Many participants transform into Kamen Riders and compete for points by defeating enemies and saving people in order to win the game. The winner of the Desire Grand Prix will be rewarded with “the privilege to realize their ideal world.” In other words, only the winners, the true heroes, will be able to create the world they wish for.

Kamen Rider Geats
: The Complete Series is now available for preorder on the Shout! Factory website, and is currently slated for a release of April 2024 in the USA and Canada. Additionally, Shout! Factory’s recent releases of the Kamen Rider Kuuga, Kamen Rider Zero-One, and Kamen Rider Ryuki Blu-ray sets can be found via the Shout! Factory website. These series are currently available to watch on TokuSHOUTsu.

Shout! Factory

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