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Shout! Factory Announces Kamen Rider Ryuki Blu-Ray Release


Shout! Factory Announces Kamen Rider Ryuki Blu-Ray Release

Shout! Factory has announced the release of the complete season of Kamen Rider Ryuki on Blu-Ray, scheduled for release in February 2023.

Shout! Factory has announced the release of another Kamen Rider series on Blu-Ray with English subtitles, this time being Kamen Rider Ryuki (2002-2003). The complete season is set to be released by in February 2023.
A total of eight (8) discs will be included in this release, with a total run-time of 21 hours. Additionally, the director’s cut of Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode Final will be included as a bonus feature with this Blu-Ray release.



“Mirror World” exists symmetrically beyond an invisible mirror in space, and is an exact copy of our human world, where only monsters can dwell. Evil monsters frequently cross the mirror and attack our world. Only Kamen Riders, who make a contract with a specific monster and obtain a special power from it, can enter “Mirror World” to fight with the help of an “Advent Card.” Shinji Kido, a journalist, contracts with a dragon and becomes Kamen Rider Ryuki. He fights a fierce battle with evil monsters. Many Kamen Riders appear one after another, and fight to satisfy their own aims. However, only one Kamen Rider can outlive the others. Thus, it is their fate to keep fighting to the last man.

Kamen Rider Ryuki: The Complete Series is now available for preorder on the Shout! Factory website and is currently slated for a release of February 7, 2023 in the USA and Canada. Additionally, Shout! Factory’s recent releases of the Kamen Rider Kuuga and Kamen Rider Zero-One Blu-Ray sets can be found via the Shout! Factory website, and these series and more is available to watch on TokuSHOUTsu.

Source: Shout! Factory

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