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Kamen Rider Mach Revealed in Second Quarter Toy Catalog


Kamen Rider Mach Revealed in Second Quarter Toy Catalog


Kamen Rider Drive‘s second quarter toy catalog has revealed Drive‘s second Rider: Kamen Rider Mach.

To transform, Kamen Rider Mach uses the Mach Driver, along with the Signal Bikes. Specifically, he uses the Signal Mach to transform into his base form. The Signal Bike is  inserted into the slot on the Driver and pressed down to initiate the transformation. The compartment can be lifted up and back down again to initiate the “Full Throttle!” final attack. This scan also shows off Mach’s “Signal Koukan” possibilities with the yellow, blue, and green Signal Bikes. Finally, the scan advertises the various forms’ attack possibilities, as well as functionality with the Shift Cars and Viral Cores. The Mach Driver will be available in December 2014 for ¥6,000.

In the corner of this scan, we see the first DX Signal Bike Set featuring the yellow and blue Signal Bikes. This set will be released in January 2015 for ¥1,200.


Kamen Rider Mach uses the Zenrin Shooter (Front Wheel Shooter) as his main weapon. This small blaster can slot in one Signal Bike in the rear of the weapon to change the attacks. By spinning the front wheel, Mach can initiate his “Full Throttle” final attack with the Zenrin Shooter. The weapon will be available in December 2014 for ¥4,500.

The second page shows off Drive (and Mach’s) new accessory, the Shift Dead Heat. The Shift Dead Heat is a combination of Shift Speed and Signal Mach together. The hollowed out Shift Speed is attached to a smaller Signal Mach that flips into the Shift Car. The Shift Car can then be inserted into the Shift Brace or the Mach Driver to transform the user into Drive Type: Dead Heat and Dead Heat Mach respectively. Included in the set with Shift Dead Heat is a new Signal Bike. The combo set will release in February 2015 for ¥1,600.


In the last pages, we see the newest entries into the TK Series of toys. First is the DX Ride Crosser. The Ride Crosser is Kamen Rider Mach’s personal vehicle. This vehicle is a combination between Mach’s personal bike, Ride Macher, along with Mashin Chaser’s bike, the Ride Chaser. The toy has compatibility with the TK Tires. Included is the Tomare (Stop) Tire. The Ride Crosser will be available in January 2015 for ¥5,000.

Next we have TK07, which is none other than Kamen Rider Mach himself. Included with Mach are two TK Tires associated with his Signal Koukan forms, as well as a small Zenrin Shooter weapon. TK07 will be available January 2014 for ¥3,200. TK08 is a little unusual, in what appears to be a singular combo figure. Much like the old WFC figure for Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme, TK08 seems to be a figure that can transform between Kamen Rider Drive Type Dead Heat and Kamen Rider Dead Heat Mach. TK08 will be released in February 2014 for ¥3,200. Also shown are RHS05 Kamen Rider Mach, RHS06 Kamen Rider Drive Type Dead Heat, and RHS07 Kamen Rider Dead Heat Mach. RHS05 releases in January 2015 while RHS06 and RHS07 release in February 2015. Each vinyl figure costs ¥800.

Finally, we see Bandai going all out for the Movie Wars Full Throttle film. We once again see the DX Shift Fruit & Drive Lock Seed Movie Wars Set. This set features the Shift Fruit Shift Car, as well as a Drive Lock Seed. This set releases in December 2014 for ¥2,400. Joining it is a new TKSP figure of Kamen Rider Drive Type Fruit. Included with Type Fruit are the Daidaimaru and Musou Saber weapons from Kamen Rider Gaim. It will be released in December 2014 for ¥3,200. We also have an all new Arms Change Series toy in ACSP Kamen Rider Gaim Drive Arms. Included with Gaim Drive Arms is the Door Gun and Handle Sword weapons. It will also be released in December 2014 for ¥3,200.

That wraps up Drive‘s second quarter catalog! Stay tuned to The Tokusatsu Network for updates as we get clearer shots and more information on our brand new Rider.

Source: TAG Hobby

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