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Kamen Rider Drive Information and Pictures Revealed


Kamen Rider Drive Information and Pictures Revealed


First images from catalog of upcoming Kamen Rider Drive leaked.

As previously reported, Kamen Rider Drive will be transforming with the Drive Driver. He does so by using tiny cars called Shift Cars together with his belt and bracelet. The belt and bracelet will work together through Infrared. When Drive transforms, he can access different forms called Types. The red Shift Car allows him to transform into Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed. The black Shift Car is called Midnight Shadow, which is paired with an item called the Midnight Shadow Tire.


The DX Drive Driver has 10 different LED lights and will be released early October with no fixed price, the Driver is sold with the bracelet. Kamen Rider Drive also has a car called Trideron.

Kamen Rider Drive’s figure toyline will be called TK, starting with TK01 Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed at 3200 yen.

Source: Catalog via 2chan

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