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Kamen Rider V3 Throws First Pitch At Yakult Swallows Game


Kamen Rider V3 Throws First Pitch At Yakult Swallows Game


Kamen Rider V3 made a surprise appearance at the July 22nd Tokyo Yakult Swallows baseball game to throw the first pitch of the night.

The reason behind the classic Kamen Rider’s invitation to the Swallows game was a two-fold reason due to V3’s distinct red and green color scheme. Firstly, the Yakult Swallow’s “Tokyo En Project” has green as its main color. Secondly, the opposing team of the evening was the Hiroshima Toyo Carps, whose team color is red.

On the night of the pitch, V3 assumed his henshin pose and threw the pitch. Unfortunately, it hit too low.

The objective of the “Tokyo En Project”  is to expand the relationship with the community and to deepen the Yakult Swallows’ impact in Tokyo. The “en” (燕) part both refers to the word “tsubame” (swallow, the bird) and the word “empowerment.”

In eight hosted games between July 13th and September 1st, Yakult Swallows players will wear a special uniform that represents victory. The bright green with a white background is partly meant to convey a feeling of eco-friendliness and cleanliness — the kind that the community wants to connect with. Special projects and events, such as city and stadium clean-ups, are planned to expand the Swallows’ involvement with the community.

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Source: Yahoo Japan, Yakult Swallows Official Site

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