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Hiroshi Fujioka, Kamen Rider 1, Aids Biker Protective Wear Campaign


Hiroshi Fujioka, Kamen Rider 1, Aids Biker Protective Wear Campaign

The original Kamen Rider, Hiroshi Fujioka, has become part of an ad campaign to advertise protective chest gear for motorcyclists.

At a press event in Osaka on the 30th May, Fujioka spoke about the campaign for motorcycle riders to wear accident prevention gear to combat rising motorcycle-related deaths. According to the Osaka Police Department, last year a total of 33 people died, roughly 40% were due to chest related injuries.

Hiroshi, who had famously been in a motorcycle accident during the filming of the original Kamen Rider series resulting in him leaving for a number of months, stated “The lives of young people are particularly precious. Not just for us, but for the children of the future too, we all need to be prepared for accidents.”

Another attendee stated, “It’s not just the head, but the chest which needs protecting too. I have thought about getting a motorcycle license, and I will use the protector, no doubt.”

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Source: NHK

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