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Kamen Rider #1 Hiroshi Fujioka Appears in Super Hero Senki


Kamen Rider #1 Hiroshi Fujioka Appears in Super Hero Senki

Kamen Rider (1971)‘s Hiroshi Fujioka reprises his role as Takeshi Hongo / Kamen Rider #1 in the double anniversary movie Super Hero Senki, premiering July 22.

As the premiere of Super Hero Senki, an anniversary movie celebrating the anniversaries of the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai series, approaches, Toei reveals another surprising returning actor: Hiroshi Fujioka, the hero of the very first Kamen Rider series. It had been announced at a special event on July 12 that he would voice Kamen Rider #1 in the movie, but here he can be seen in this teaser image once again donning his transformation belt, the Typhoon, and he also appears in the promotional video below.

In this latest promotional video, various scenes from the movie are depicted such as Asmodeus (played by Ayumi Tanida) summoning Sentai Megid and Rider World (voiced by Isao Sasaki and Atsushi Yanaka, respectively). There are also shots with Touma with his childhood friend Luna, shown as an adult (played by Mayu Yokota) and with a “mysterious boy” (played by Fuku Suzuki). Viewers can also hear some of the movie’s theme song “SPARK”, performed by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

Special Promotional Video

Super Hero Senki premieres in theatres across Japan on July 22.

Sources: Kamen Rider Official, Toei

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