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SEGA Introduces Maito Fujioka As New Spokesperson “Sega Shiro”

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SEGA Introduces Maito Fujioka As New Spokesperson “Sega Shiro”


Son of original Kamen Rider Hiroshi Fujioka, who portrayed Segata Sanshiro, stars in new series of commercials for SEGA.

To commemorate 60 years in the gaming industry, SEGA has launched a new set of ads introducing a new spokesperson named “Sega Shiro”, played by Maito Fujioka, son of Hiroshi Fujioka. While dressed in a traditional high school uniform, the character Sega has a karate gi draped over his shoulders, appearing to be a nod to SEGA’s other famous spokes-character Segata Sanshiro, who was played by Hiroshi Fujioka. The “Sega Shiro” video series will consist of three episodes, with the second episode scheduled for release in mid-April and the third episode in mid-May. You can check out the first video below.

Between 1997 and 1998, the elder Fujioka portrayed the character Segata Sanshiro in a series of commercials aimed at promoting the Sega Saturn. Most of the commercials involved Segata performing a judo throw on kids, adults and zombies alike while demanding they play the newest games for the Sega Saturn. Although the Sega Saturn was eventually phased out in favor of the newer Sega Dreamcast, the character has retained a cult status among gamers for two decades, appearing in his own self-titled video game as well as 2015’s Project X Zone 2. Fujioka was originally cast for the role of Segata Sanshiro based on his notoriety as an actor for his role as Takeshi Hongo/ Kamen Rider #1 in 1971’s Kamen Rider, which is now available for streaming in the U.S. from TokuSHOUTsu.

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