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Sharivan & Shaider Next Generation Set Photos


Sharivan & Shaider Next Generation Set Photos


The official twitter of the new Space Sheriff movies has been regularly updating with on-set photos of the cast and crew.

The above shows Riki Miura with Hiroshi Watari as Kai/Sharivan II and Den/Original Sharivan respectively. Here, they appear in their Galactic Union Police uniforms.


From left to right: Naomi Morinaga (Annie from the original Shaider series), Hiroaki Iwanaga as Shu/Shaider II, and Misaki Momose as Shu’s partner, Tammy.


Here we have the returning Masayuki Suzuki, reprising his role of UFO expert Koichiro Oyama, director Koichi Sakamoto wearing a Kyoryuger t-shirt, and Yuma Ishigaki (Geki/Gavan G-Type).


Miura and Iwanaga in their civilian outfits with Sakamoto in the middle at Yokohama bay.


Hiroshi Watari in middle of Sharivan’s “Sekisha” transformation pose.


And lastly, Akira Kushida being shot for his yet-to-be-announced role in Shaider: Next Generation.

Space Sheriff Sharivan: Next Generation will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray in Japan October 10th, followed by Space Sheriff Shaider: Next Generation on November 7th. 

You can view more photos in the gallery below. Stay tuned to Space Sheriff Next Generation on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

Source: Space Sheriff Next Generation Twitter

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