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Brand New Space Sheriff V-Cinema Releases Announced


Brand New Space Sheriff V-Cinema Releases Announced

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Following up on last year’s Space Sheriff Gavan the Movie, a series of v-cinema focusing on Space Sheriff Sharivan and Space Sheriff Shaider are to be released.

It has been announced that seasoned metal heroes Space Sheriff Sharivan and Space Sheriff Shaider will be revived through v-cinema releases entitled Space Sheriff Sharivan NEXT GENERATION and Space Sheriff Shaider NEXT GENERATION. A press conference was held in the Tokyo Toei Studios with Riki Miura (2nd Sharivan), Hiroaki Iwanaga (2nd Shaider), Hiroshi Watari (1st Sharivan), Naomi Morinaga (Annie), Misaki Momose, Mayu Kawamoto, Yuma Ishigaki (2nd Gavan) and diretor Koichi Sakamoto.

“I had been hoping for this day to come since my participation in the Gavan movie. I feel very happy,” said Miura, who plays Sharivan, showing pride in his face.

“I was four years old when I watched ‘Space Sheriff Shaider’ when it aired. I can’t contain my joy,” Iwanaga, who incarnates Shaider, added as he smiled.

Both films are sure to gather attention since they include the appearance of the characters Den Iga, the first Sharivan (played by Watari) and female detective Annie (played by Morinaga), who appeared on their respective original series. Morinaga, in particular, will make a return as an actress after retiring in 1998. “I was approached to play Annie after 30 years and I took my time thinking about accepting it. The saddest part is not having my partner with me,” said Morinaga in a nostalgic tone. Hiroshi Tsuburaya, who played the first Shaider, passed away in 2001.

After being questioned whether there would be actions scenes in a miniskirt such as the ones she did back in the original, Morinaga softly responded, “I don’t think I can fulfill that particular expectation.”

Directing both films is tokusatsu fan favorite Koichi Sakamoto. “I watched both series 30 years ago. I want to, while keeping the greatness it had originally, create new perspectives for each world, making Sharivan hardcore and Shaider a fantasy action comedy,” Sakamoto declared.

Space Sheriff Sharivan NEXT GENERATION will be released on October 10th with a limited first edition priced at 4500 yen on DVD and 5500 yen on Blu-Ray, tax not included.

Space Sheriff Shaider NEXT GENERATION will be released on November 7th priced at 4500 yen on DVD and 5500 yen on Blu-Ray, tax not included.

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Source: Cinema Today

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