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Discotek Media Announces Mobile Cop Jiban Blu-ray Release


Discotek Media Announces Mobile Cop Jiban Blu-ray Release

Discotek Media has announced a Blu-ray release of Mobile Cop Jiban for July 2024.

Discotek Media has announced another Metal Heroes series will receive a Blu-ray release in North America. All 52 episodes of the 1989 Toei tokusatsu series, Mobile Cop Jiban, will be subtitled in English and released on Blu-ray Standard Definition in July of 2024.

 (via the Discotek Media Facebook page)

The wicked Doctor Giba and the monstrous forces of Biolon have silently infiltrated every aspect of human society. To what end? World domination, of course! Earth’s only hope is a clueless detective who’s always a no-show when it matters most. But in reality, this would-be bumbler is on a top secret mission: to put an end to Bio- lon’s dastardly schemes as the Mobile Cop Jiban!

With the aid of a young girl and an entire fleet of computerized vehicles at his side, this next-generation robot detective is ready to take on anything the bad doctor can prescribe!


Directed by Michio Konishi, Mobile Cop Jiban was the first entry of the Metal Heroes series of the Heisei era in 1989. The series was scored by composer Chumei Watanabe (Mazinger Z, Space Sheriff Gavan), and features character designs by Keita Amemiya (Zeiram, Kamen Rider ZO).

The Mobile Cop Jiban Blu-ray is currently available for preorder on the Crunchyroll website for $49.95 (tax included). The Blu-rays are currently expected to ship on July 30, 2024. For more Metal Heroes series, please check out Discotek Media’s Blu-ray releases of Space Sheriff Gavan and Space Sheriff Sharivan.

Source: Discotek Media Official X Account (formerly known as Twitter)

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