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Exhibition To Be Held On The Science Of Ultraman


Exhibition To Be Held On The Science Of Ultraman

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Tsuburaya Productions announced plans this week to hold the first ever exhibition detailing the science of Ultraman’s sci-fi fantasy world this summer.

Titled The Science in Ultraman, the exhibition, held at Ueno, Tokyo, will focus on explaining various aspects of the Ultra Series universe from a scientific perspective, including:

  • Who is Ultraman? A scientific introduction to Ultraman
  • Ultraman and the Universe, Where Did He Come From? – An explanation of Ultraman’s homeworld,  Nebula M-78
  • Ultraman’s Enemies, What Kind of Creatures are the Kaiju? –  A visual biological explanation of Kaiju and aliens
  • Ultraman’s Allies and High Technology – A look at the mecha and equipment used by both Ultraman‘s Science Special Search Party (Science Patrol) and Ultra Garrison from Ultraseven, with comparisons to real life technology
  • Ultraman Materials & Substances – An examination of Specium, the fictional element that appeared in Ultraman and comparisons to real chemicals, along with an Ultra Seven transformation experience to enjoy

Though this is the first-ever exhibition regarding the science of the Ultra Series universe, this isn’t the first science-related Ultraman event. In 2013, Tsuburaya held a special Ultraman live show entitled “Ultraman and the Science Mystery: Science Battle Stage”. Starring Ultraman Zero and Rei from the Ultra Galaxy franchise (once again reprised by Shota Minami), the show was split into two sections: The actual science portion teaching children about the properties of light, and the Science Battle Stage that involved the lesson being used against a new foe.

The Science In Ultraman exhibition will be held from July 23rd to August 3rd, prices range from 2,000 yen to free for elementary school children.

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Source: Tsuburaya Station

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