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Choose your Next (nutty) Adventure


Have you ever wanted to participate in a poll to decide the next show that you’ll geek over? Well, here’s your chance to maybe not really voice your opinion on the next big tokusatsu sensation.

Due to the insanely popular success that was Kamen Rider Gridon and Kamen Rider Kurokage, Not!Toei, Not!Tsuburaya and Not!Toho have tried furiously to come up with a nut-themed tokusatsu property to capitalize on the coincidental success of the Nut Brothers. But, since they couldn’t come to an agreement on what to do, we at the Tokunattsu Nutwork have decided to create a poll to help come up with the title for the next super successful tokusatsu series that we are certain will never reach any desk even remotely close to any of the big production companies, real or fake.

Insanely fun voting time, COMMENCE!


One of the founding members and managing editor for The Tokusatsu Network. He also manages podcast production and assists with technical support for the site.

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