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ZERO – Black Blood Air Date Confirmed Including Movies


ZERO – Black Blood Air Date Confirmed Including Movies

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screenshot-2014-01-28-21-16-49The spinoff of the of the Garo franchise, ZERO – Black Bood, announced its airing date today, including two movies.

The six episodes will feature the supporting character Rei from both the original and Makai Senki series. Rei will once again be played by Ray Fujita. The series will begin airing from the 5th of March to the 8th on Family Gekijo, with all six episodes airing during this period.

In addition, two movies titled “White Chapter” and “Black Chapter” will open to the public on the 3rd and 22nd of March respectively at selected cinemas across Japan. At the moment, it is not clear if the movies will be theatrical releases of the series or brand new stories in the same universe.

SOURCE: GARO Project and Garo blog

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