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Premium Bandai to Release Framed Kamen Rider Agito Art


Premium Bandai to Release Framed Kamen Rider Agito Art


Premium Bandai, the high end wing of Bandai known for its expensive collector’s items has a Kamen Rider Agito release coming up. However, this one is somewhat different from releases of years past.

Set for a release later this year in March, the Kamen Rider Agito Art Archive Icon will retail for 6,300 Yen, or about $60 USD. The item itself is a framed piece of art, the painting shown during the opening sequence of the 2001 show, Kamen Rider Agito. The painting featured clues regarding the plot of the show and was evocative of the religious imagery found throughout the show.

The item description states the iconic piece of art has left a strong impression on the minds of the show’s fans ever since it first appeared on screen. Included with the framed piece of art itself is a booklet featuring interviews with the show’s staff. The frame measures at 466mm in height, 346mm in width and 15mm in diameter. The painting itself measures at 436mm in height by 314mm in width.

Source: Premium Bandai, LadyEve

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