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Kamen Rider Gotchard Cast, Characters, and Story

Casting Announcements

Kamen Rider Gotchard Cast, Characters, and Story

Cast, crew, and story details for the upcoming Kamen Rider Gotchard series have been revealed.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Teaser Trailer

Find All 101 Chemy! Use the Mysterious Cards to Transform!

In early August, the press conference for the upcoming series Kamen Rider Gotchardwas held, introducing the cast and story. This series is the next installment of the Kamen Rider series following the conclusion of Kamen Rider Geats. A stream for the new show was held on the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club and on YouTube via the Toei Tokusatsu YouTube Official channel and the Bandai Official channel. Viewers were introduced to the new cast of the show for the first time, and additional cast messages and series details were revealed.



Through the secret techniques used in transmuting base metals to rare metals, artifically created monsters known as Chemywere born, based on all manner of things.

There are 101 Chemy in existence, sealed within Ride Chemy Cards. The cards were carefully guarded, but someone has released all of them at once!

If they resonate with humans with good hearts, Chemy may befriend those humans. However, encounters with humans with ill intentions will transfigure Chemy into monsters known as Malgam

Collect the scattered Chemy! Defeat the Malgam and seal them in Ride Chemy Cards!

In the story of Kamen Rider Gotchard, alchemy is the transmutation of differing materials into gold. One experiment resulted in the creation of artificially made monsters known as Chemy, monsters based on real-world animals and objects. All 101 Chemy were sealed into Ride Chemy Cards.

However, the cards have now been scattered, and the Chemy have been released! Hotaro Ichinose, a high school student looking for a dream, witnesses the release of the Chemy by pure chance and becomes entrusted with the GotcharDriver in order to seal the Chemy back into their cards.

Cast and Characters

Hotaro Ichinose / Kamen Rider Gotchard

Hotaro Ichinose is a completely ordinary 2nd year high school student. Hotaro is a devoted son who helps his mother at their restaurant, but he has yet to find what he wants to do for himself as he has given no thought to his future as an adult. Through his culinary creations in the kitchen and more, Hotaro is seeking a “gotcha” in his life, something “just for him.” After encoutering the grasshopper Chemy “Hopper1” and after being entrusted with the GotcharDriver by Fuga Kudo, Hotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Gotchard and finds his “gotcha” in alchemy.

Hotaro Ichinose will be played by Junsei Motojima.

Rinne Kudo

Hotaro’s classmate and a model student complete with excellent grades and stellar conduct… on the surface. In truth, she’s an alchemist studying at the Academy of Alchemy below the school. Her father Fuga Kudo was a renowned alchemist, but Rinne has mixed feelings about him after he was seen stealing Chemy Cards from the school 10 years prior. She works in tandem with Hotaro after seeing him transform into Kamen Rider Gotchard.

Rinne Kudo will be played by Reiyo Matsumoto.

Spanner Kurogane / Valvarad

Spanner Kurogane is a top-ranking alchemist and a graduate of the Academy of Alchemy. He has been dispatched retrieve the 101 Chemy. A cool yet pretentious character confident in his skills, Spanner deems the Chemy only as tools made by humans. For batttle, he dons the “Valvarad” suit that he constructed himself. His catchphrase is, “It’s an unfunny joke.”

Spanner Kurogane will be played by Yasunari Fujibayashi.

Renge Icho

Renge is an alchemist from the Kansai region as well as Hotaro and Rinne’s classmate. She wants to provide medicine to her mother who doesn’t have much money, so Renge is determined to become an alchemist that can transmute gold. She and Sabiharu have known each other for a very long time, so they have comedic interactions.

Sabimaru Tsuruhara

Another classmate of Rinne’s. Sabimaru is an intellectual alchemist and is extremely antisocial. He is often seen walking and conversing with an abrasively-speaking AI named “AIsaac” in his tablet. Like Hotaro, Sabimaru really likes the Chemy.

Sabimaru Tsuruhara will be played by Rikiya Tomizono.


Minato is an ordinary, middle-aged history teacher at Hotaro’s high school… or so he seems. He is secretly a teacher at the Academy of Alchemy. When he wears his cloak, Minato can seem cool and mysterious.
Minato will be played by Rikuto Kumaki.

From left to right: Lachesis, Atropos, Clotho

Sisters of Darkness

Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis comprise the Sisters of Darkness, a group that operates in the background and uses alchemy for nefarious ends. Their targets: the 101 Chemy and the GotcharDriver entrusted to Hotaro by Fuga.

Atropos (center) is the eldest of the three. Despite her child-like appearance, she actually wields powerful alchemy. Atropos will be played by Itono Okita.

Clotho (right) is the middle sister and excels at hand-to-hand combat. She will played by Kanon Miyahara, an actress who has been seen in multiple tokusatsu productions such as Kamen Rider Amazons (as Nozomi Takai), Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger: Memory of Soulmates (as Maiko), and AKARI (as Akari).

Lachesis (left) is the youngest sister. She conducts her alchemy through the sounds made by her mouth harp. She will be played by Alisa Sakamaki.

Ryo Kajiki

Hotaro’s classmate and a fan of the occult, he loves reading the magazine “Paranormal Planet.”

Ryo Kajiki will be portrayed by Amon Kabe.

Tamami Ichinose

Tamami Ichinose is Hotaro’s spirited mother who single-handedly runs a family restaurant and raises Hotaro while her husband is adventuring abroad.

Tamami Ichinose will be portrayed by Yoko Minamino, known for her portrayal of Saki Asamiya in Sukeban Deka II: Shōjo Tekkamen Densetsu.

Fuga Kudo

Fugo Kudo is Rinne’s father and a renowned alchemist. However, he has been missing since the Chemy Cards were scattered 10 years prior. In truth, Fuga sought to protect the Chemy from the Sisters of Darkness, but he got cornered and entrusted the GotcharDriver to Hotaro.

Fuga Kudo will be portrayed by Kanji Ishimaru.

Voice Actors

Hopper1, a Chemy that befriends Hotarou, will be voiced by Misato Fukuen (who previously provided the voice of Secchan in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger).

The role of Steamliner, another one of Hotaro’s Chemy allies, will be voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama (who previously provided the voice of Tachibana and the opening narration of Kamen Rider Fourze).

Lastly, the voice of the GotcharDriver will be provided by Katsuyuki Konishi (who voiced Gosei Knight in Tensou Sentai Goseiger).

Kamen Rider Gotchard‘s Theme Song Artist

The show’s theme song “CHEMYxSTORY” will be performed by the rock band BACK-ON. They previously sang the insert song “Chair” for Kamen Rider Geats and are also known for their theme songs for various anime such as Air Gear, Eyeshield 21, and Gundam Build Fighters. They also sang the first ending theme for the tokusatsu drama K-tai Sousakan 7.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Suit Actor: Eitoku

Kamen Rider Gotchard’s suit actor will be played by Eitoku. Known for his various suit acting roles as supporting Kamen Riders, Kamen Rider Gotchard will be his first time as the main suit actor for a Kamen Rider series.

Show and Staff Information


  • Original work: Shotaro Ishinomori
  • Screenplay: Keiichi Hasegawa, Hiroki Uchida, etc.
  • Directors: Ryuta Tasaki, and etc.
  • Action Director: Hirofumi Fukuzawa
  • Special Effects Director: Hiroshi Butsuda
  • Producers: Takehiro Okawa, Keisuke Shibako, Yosuke Minato

Kamen Rider Gotchard is the fifth entry of the Reiwa-era Kamen Rider series. It is scheduled to premiere on September 3rd at 9:00 am (JST) on TV Asahi.

Sources: TV-Asahi (1, 2, 3), Kamen Rider Gotchard Official Twitter

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