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Ultraman Blazer English Dub Casts Johnny Yong Bosch

Casting Announcements

Ultraman Blazer English Dub Casts Johnny Yong Bosch

The veteran anime voice actor and former Power Ranger will play the lead in the upcoming English dub of Ultraman Blazer

Ultraman Connection has revealed Johnny Yong Bosch as the first actor to be announced for the English dub for the upcoming release of Ultraman Blazar. Most widely known for his role as Adam Park in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers as well as numerous lead roles in anime such as Trigun and Bleach, Bosch will be taking on the role of Gento Himura, the human host of the titular Ultraman Blazar. Bosch shared the following statement:

“As a veteran of the tokusatsu’ genre, it’s an honor to join the Ultraman universe as Gento Hiruma in the very first Ultraman title to debut simultaneously in both Japanese and English. As Gento would say, ‘I’ve got this.’ – please look forward to Ultraman Blazar this July!”

This release marks the first time an Ultraman series will have a simulcast English Dub alongside the original Japanese version. Okratron 5000 will once again handle the English dub production, as they have with Shin Ultraman and Ultraman Z. A new member of the SKaRD English cast will be announced every other day, with the next announcement set to be the role of Emi Aobe.

You can hear a sample of what the dub will offer in the new English trailer for the series, which can be seen below. Ultraman Blazar will begin streaming on YouTube starting July 8th.

Source: Ultraman Connection

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