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Bakuage Sentai BoonBoomger Cast Revealed

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Bakuage Sentai BoonBoomger Cast Revealed

On February 18th, Toei streamed a press event introducing the main cast and characters of the 48th Super Sentai series, Bakuage Sentai BoonBoomger.

NOTE: Romanization of names are subject to change.

Cast and Characters

Haruhi Iuchi as Taiya Hando / Bun Red (pronounced as “Boon Red”)

Taiya is described as a kind young man who loves cars. He works as a delivery man in a tuned-up red car. Taiya is reliable, has a strong competitive instinct, and carves out his own path by making quick decisions in difficult situations.

Yuki Hayama as Ishiro Meita / Bun Blue (pronounced as “Boon Blue”)

A cool young man, Ishiro supports Taiya as an informant, gathering information for him. Ishiro is cynical at times, but he has complete trust in Taiya.

Mio Suzuki as Mira Shifuto / Bun Pink

(pronounced as “Boon Pink”)

Mira is very curious and sticks her head into everything. She works part-time at various jobs. In the first episode, she meets Taiya and ends up reconsidering the course of her life.

Ryu Saito as Jou Akuse / Bun Black (pronounced as “Boon Black”)

Jou is a super serious police officer who dreams of becoming a hero. While on patrol, he hears a scream and rushes over to find a monster and a “tire man”!? What does this man of justice think when he witnesses the hero’s fierce battle?

Satoru Souma as Genba Bureki / Bun Orange (pronounced as “Boon Orange”)

Working as procurer, not much is known about Genba. He is described as an elusive man whose background is unknown, yet Taiya trusts him. It seems like these two have worked together before.

Rika Matsumoto as Bundorio Bundelas / “Bun Bun”

Bundorio Bundelas, also known as “Bun Bun“, is an old friend of Taiya’s. The two of them are good partners and developed the BoonBoomger gear. Bun Bun becomes a giant-sized fighting robo, but also cooks curry in regular size.

Great Space Invasion Force Hashirian

Junichi Suwabe as Decotrade

A Hashirian general who aims to spread the influence of the Hashirian and expand their territory. While traveling through space, he discovers Earth and plans to invade it.

Nana Mizuki as Itasha

A Hashirian general who arrives on Earth alongside Decotrade, Itasha dreams of moving up the ranks of the organization. She has the ability to transform objects into monsters that fight against the BoonBoomgers.

Sumire Morohoshi as Yayai Yarker (Voice)

A car-shaped Hashirian general who dreams of moving up the ranks.


  • Director: Shojiro Nakazawa
  • Screenplay: Atsuhiro Tomioka
  • Action Director: Jun Watanabe
  • Special Effects Director: Hiroshi Butsuda
  • Producers:
    • Takehiro Ohkawa
    • Keisuke Shibataka
    • Reijin Kuji
    • Koichi Yada

Opening Theme:

  • Artist: Masaki Endoh (previously performed “Gosho-Wa Kudasai Ware-No-Nawo!” for Ultraman Z)

Ending Theme:

  • Title: “Kotsukotsu-PON-PON”
  • Artist: Rika Matsumoto (famously known as the Japanese voice actress for Satoshi in Pokémon)

NOTE: This ED will feature the first ending dance since Mashin Sentai Kiramager.

Bakuage Sentai BoonBoomger
is the 48th title in the Super Sentai series, following the conclusion of Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger. The show will begin airing on March 3, 2024.

Sources: Toei

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