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Very Big Lovekov Plush from Kamen Rider Revice Announced


Very Big Lovekov Plush from Kamen Rider Revice Announced

A poster showing the Very Big Lovekov Plush and an actor to scale. Lovekov is around the size of the woman's torso

Premium Bandai revealed a large 57cm (22in) tall plush of Lovekov from Kamen Rider Revice

Lovekov fights together with Sakura Igarashi (Kamen Rider Jeanne) as her inner demon. Lovekov turns into the weapons Jeanne fights with through the power of Vistamps. Premium Bandai is now producing a large plush of the demon character.

Lovekov viewed from the front and the side, showing the height and width

Measuring in at less than 10 kilograms, the Very Big Lovekov Plush is made of a soft and supple fabric. Preorders close on Aug. 23, 2022, and are selling for ¥13,200, tax included on Premium Bandai’s website. The Very Big Lovekov plush releases in December 2022. 

Lovekov being cuddled by a woman in white, sitting on a green couch

The plush is 57 centimeters tall and 45 centimeters wide. Lovekov’s pochette is accessible and is shown to be big enough to store a Vistamp. No accessories are included with the plush. 

The Peacock Vistamp being placed in Lovekov's pochette

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Source: Ladyeve

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