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Raiga Terasaka to Make Guest Appearance In Ultraman Decker

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Raiga Terasaka to Make Guest Appearance In Ultraman Decker

Tsuburaya Productions announced that Raiga Terasaki, the actor of Ultraman Trigger, will make a guest appearance in Ultraman Decker.

Years before the appearance of Ultraman Decker, Kengo Manaka brought peace to Earth as Ultraman Trigger. Now, actor Raiga Terasaki will return to reprise his role as Kengo to make a guest appearance in Ultraman Decker. In this appearance he will entrust the new hero Kanata with his primary weapon, the Ultra Dual Sword, as a symbol of their bond.

Kengo can summon the Ultra Dual Sword by equipping the Ultra Dual Key in his GUTS Sparklence. He can also attach the Ultra Dual Key to the sword’s hilt and scan Ultra Dimension Cards to unleash various special attacks.

Of his guest appearance, Terasaki commented:

I’m so, so happy to be back in front of all you amazing fans again, this time in Ultraman Decker! And this time I’m the senior member! Thank you for the opportunity! With all his usual charm, Kengo shows his mentor side, and his own growth, too. I’ve been given a very important role to play. From Trigger to Decker… I could really feel the Light connecting everyone together, it’s incredible! Please look forward to seeing Kengo again! May your future be full of beaming happiness! Smile♪ Smile♪

Ultraman Decker will premiere on July 9th 2022.

Source: Tsuburaya

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