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Yui Asakura Victim of Stalking and Home Break In

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Yui Asakura Victim of Stalking and Home Break In

Asakura with her index finger on her mouth, wearing a grey blouse

On June 28, 2022, Yui Asakura’s talent agency Libera issued a public warning to stalkers of the Kamen Rider Revice star, threatening to involve the authorities.

Libera reported on Twitter that Yui Asakura, who portrays Hana Natsuki / Kamen Rider Aguilera on Kamen Rider Revice, has recently been the target of “malicious stalking.”

Libera reported that the stalkers invaded Asakura’s residence, committed acts of voyeurism and followed her around the set. Voyeurism is the act of taking photos without the knowledge or consent of the subject in the photo. 

The agency is threatening criminal accusations against the unnamed stalkers and intends to involve the police and the agency’s lawyers. Libera has not published any further information at the time of writing. 

Source: LiveDoor News

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