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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Mighty Novel X & Bang Bang Tank Gashat Set Announced


Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Mighty Novel X & Bang Bang Tank Gashat Set Announced

Premium Bandai announced a set of Rider Gashats that were previously unreleased during Kamen Rider Ex-Aid‘s series run.

Continuing the recent trend of releasing toys for previously unreleased transformation items, the Mighty Novel X and Bang Bang Tank Gashat set.

“Mighty Novel! Just as I’ve said, Mighty Novel! It’s my story! X!”


The Mighty Novel X Gashat first appeared in the 2018 novel, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: ~Mighty Novel X~ which served as a followup to the 2016 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid TV series. This Rider Gashat is inspired by the visual novel genre of video games.


“Kaboom! Pow! The finishing shot! Bang Bang with a cannon! Bang Bang Tank!”

The Bang Bang Tank Gashat has made two appearances. The first was in Kamen Rider Snipe: Episode ZERO which was a bluray miniseries that followed Taiga Hanaya in the events leading up to the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid TV series. The second and final time was in  Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Trilogy: Another Ending. However, unlike the other Rider Gashats, this one was used only as a finisher move instead of providing a new form.

Both Rider Gashats never received a suit design until now. Premium Bandai provided concept art of what both forms would look like, providing Kamen Rider Ex-Aid with Novel Gamer Level X, and Kamen Rider Snipe with Tank Shooting Gamer Level 4.

The Mighty Novel X & Bang Bang Tank Gashat Set from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid will go for 3,520 yen (tax included) and is scheduled to ship in October 2021.

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Source: Premium Bandai

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