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Greeed Cast Return in OOO 10th V-Cinext


Greeed Cast Return in OOO 10th V-Cinext

The original cast for the Greeed in Kamen Rider OOO will return to reprise their roles in the Kamen Rider OOO 10th v-cinext. A new Greeed, Gouda, will be voiced by Satoshi Hino.

Following the announcement of the v-cinext Kamen Rider OOO 10th: Revival the Core Medals at Tokyo International Film Festival on November 5, the Kamen Rider OOO 10th Twitter account announced more cast members.

From right to left:

  • Kosuke Yamada as Uva,
  • Taito Hashimoto as Kazari,
  • Honoka Yahagi as Mezool, and
  • Hiroyuki Matsumoto as Gamel

These four will reprise their roles as the Greeed, monsters from Kamen Rider OOO looking to collect their Core Medals in order to regain their power.

In addition, Satoshi Hino was announced to voice Gouda, a brand new Greeed. Hino may be recognized for voicing Ultraman Titus in the Ultraman series (starting from Ultraman Taiga) as well as popular characters in anime such as Nao Serizawa (Free! -Dive to the Future-) and Kyojuro Rengoku (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba).

Actors’ Remarks

“I’ve recently changed my name to Kosuke Yamada [from Yusuke Yamada]. I won’t forget how my heart throbbed donning that same green leather jacket 10 years later. Take note that I’m more open to my greed than I was 10 years ago! But don’t look too hard! But you want to see it, right? Please catch it in theaters!” – Kosuke Yamada (Uva)

“I am extremely glad to have been part of a beloved show these 10 years and to return to it all these years later. I am very thankful that they made Kazari for this show. It would make me happy if you continue to support Kamen Rider OOO.” – Taito Hashimoto (Kazari)

“To think it’s been 10 years since I was in OOO which I love. And I’m so surprised! I didn’t think I’d play Mezool again! This makes me so, so, SO happy! It makes me so happy that fans were looking forward to me returning as Mezool when the movie was announced and to see that this show is still so beloved after all this time. I’m also looking forward to returning to OOO. Everyone, please look forward to and enjoy the movie’s release!” – Honoka Yahagi (Mezool)

“I have only gratitude for the chance for everyone to come together again in this production. I was happy but also worried because it had been 10 years, but during filming it was so fun feeling like I stepped back in time. Because it really was such a good time. Please look forward to and please yearn for this OOO of 10 years later.” – Hiroyuki Matsumoto (Gamel)

“This time, I’m voicing Gouda in Kamen Rider OOO 10th! I’m deeply honored to be able to take part in this new 10th anniversary movie for Kamen Rider OOO. I was watching the show closely back when it was airing, so I’m going to put all of my love for the show into my acting. Please look forward to it.” – Satoshi Hino (voice of Gouda)

V-Cinext Kamen Rider OOO 10th: Revival of the Core Medals is scheduled for a limited theater screening in Spring 2022 and Blu-ray/DVD releases on August 24, 2022.

Source: Twitter, Kamen Rider OOO 10th Homepage, Satoshi Hino’s talent page

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1 Comment

  1. Victor Santiago

    January 5, 2022 at 1:49 am

    They’ve all aged so well!

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