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Kamen Rider Century Revealed in New Trailer


Kamen Rider Century Revealed in New Trailer

On November 7, a new trailer for Kamen Rider Beyond Generations revealed Kamen Rider Century, a Kamen Rider from the future.


“Coming December 17
100 years after the birth of Kamen Rider
In front of them, a new battle approaches
Kamen Rider Century, a contract holder from the future
Is he an enemy or a hero?
Are you prepared to know the truth?”

On November 7, Toei released a new trailer for Kamen Rider Beyond Generations revealing 2071’s Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Century. An image of Kamen Rider Century was also briefly shown during November 6’s broadcast of the NHK Kamen Rider Poll results, but very little else is known about this character at this point.

Kamen Rider Beyond Generations will premiere in theaters across Japan on December 17, 2021. Residents in Japan can buy Movie Tickets (ムビチケ) for this movie starting November 12 for 1500 yen (general) or 900 yen (children). While supplies last, Movie Tickets will also come with an A4-sized folder featuring either Kamen Rider Revi or Kamen Rider Revice on the back.

Source: Twitter, Eiga

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