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Kamen Rider Movie “Beyond Generations” Announced


Kamen Rider Movie “Beyond Generations” Announced

A teaser visual and trailer for Kamen Rider Beyond Generations, premiering December 17, 2021, was revealed.


Text: Coming Winter 2021, an amazing production of a grand scale is born.

Vice: No way! We’re gonna be the leads!

Revi: Hey, you promised to announce this properly, didn’t you?

Vice: Huh? … Everyone, listen up. 50 years ago, from 100 years in the future-

Revi: Vice, that’s called a spoiler!

Vice: I want to spoil more!

Revi: Let’s go.

Beyond generations, a once-in-a-century transformation

On October 20, a teaser visual and trailer for the upcoming movie Kamen Rider Beyond Generations was released. The visual shows Kamen Rider #1 of 1971, Kamen Riders Revi and Saber of 2021, and… a mysterious Rider from 2071?! What is this story that spans 100 years?

Kamen Rider Beyond Generations will premiere in theaters across Japan on December 17, 2021.

Sources: Twitter, Movie Homepage

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